Want to Rekey the Car Door Lock? Here’s What You Need to Do!

You can rekey a car door lock without professional help. At first, it might feel unsafe, but as you go through the process and understand proper tools, you can quickly rekey a car lock. This knowledge would be beneficial if you get stuck in a situation where you have either lost the car key or the key got stolen.

So, here are the steps that you need to follow:

• Step 1: Remove the lock and tumbler

You will be working on the lock and the tumbler, so first remove them. You will find that the tumbler is set in a pattern that fits the working mechanism of the previous car key. The tumblers must fit a different key pattern, so you have to readjust them, which will ensure that the car cannot be opened with the previous key.

• Step 2: To cut, mark the critical blank

You have to insert the blank key into the Tumbler mechanism. Using a pen, mark the position of each tumbler on the blade of the key blank. These are indications of where the cut needs to be made. If you need clarification, you can continue rekeying with the help of professionals from Locksmith Salem Oregon.

• Step 3: Cut the new key

Now, it is time to use the Dremel tool to help you cut the key using the cut-off wheel and make grooves. If you lack the Dremel tool, you can cut the grooves into the key blank with a set of jeweler’s files. Never cut below the line that you have marked, and always verify the fit. When shaping the key, you also need a lot of patience.

• Step 4: Test the new key

After you have cut the key, you must ensure that the tumblers are flush with the outer edge of the tumbler plug. It would help if you tried the new key after you have placed everything correctly. You have successfully rekeyed the car door lock if your new key works. When the new key opens the door locks, you can reassemble the system to rekey the whole car.

• Step 5: Create a spare key

If you lose the car key, you can take the new key to any hardware shop and ask them to make as many copies as you want so that you do not face any problems opening the newly configured door lock of the car or during emergencies. Ensure you have this extra key with you all the time to avoid hassle. Please keep it in your pocket or purse, but never in the car storage.

Summing it up

Your new key will fit into the new lock tumbler configuration of the door lock. You can adjust the tumbler for all the other locks to match the key. However, if the key does not work, you must remove the door lock and rekey again, or you can contact a locksmith Albany Oregon. So, even if the car key gets stolen, do not panic and let the professional handle the task.