Power Drive Bikes Expands E-Bike Selection with Himiway Zebra and Cobra Models

Power Drive Bikes is pleased to announce the addition of two new Himiway models—the Zebra and the Cobra—to its e-bike portfolio in response to the rising need for environmentally responsible transportation options and the growing popularity of electric bicycles. These additions are catered to riders looking for comfort, performance, and versatility for their off-road and on-road travels.

Himiway Zebra: Designed for Daily Adventures

The Himiway Zebra fat-tyre electric bike is designed for traversing different types of surfaces. Both paved roads and irregular surfaces like gravel, dirt trails, and light snow are well gripped and stable by their large tyres. Because of its high-strength aluminium alloy frame, the Zebra is both lightweight and robust for daily commuting and leisure riding.

With the 250-watt brushless gear hub motor on the Zebra, riders can anticipate a strong and effective ride. Enough power is provided by this motor to handle hills and deliver a comfortable ride. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery in the Zebra enables travelling a distance of 60 miles on a single charge, subject to riding conditions and terrain.

The comfort of the rider is given priority in the Zebra’s ergonomic design. Reducing tension on the back and shoulders, the broad handlebars and adjustable seat guarantee a pleasant upright riding posture. Superior stopping capability in all weather situations provided by hydraulic disc brakes guarantees control and safety.

Himiway Cobra: Experience Performance and Power

Built to conquer difficult off-road terrain, the Himiway Cobra is a full-suspension electrical mountain bike. The strong aluminium frame and front suspension fork of this e-bike efficiently absorb shocks and bumps for a smooth and cosy ride even on challenging paths.

A 250-watt brushless gear hub motor included in the Cobra provides remarkable acceleration and climbing power. Riders can confidently negotiate tricky trails and strong inclines. With a 40-mile range on a single charge, the long-lasting lithium-ion battery lets riders go farther off the usual route.

Superior stopping power from the Cobra’s hydraulic disc brakes guarantees control and safety when descending. On sand, gravel, and loose ground, the wide, knobby tyres provide outstanding grip. For long off-road excursions, the ergonomic design—which includes an adjustable handlebar and seat—prioritises rider comfort.

Power Drive Bikes is dedicated to increasing the range of premium electric bicycles it offers, as seen by the launch of the Himiway Zebra and Cobra models. More individuals are encouraged to investigate the possibilities of e-cycling by the variety of demands and preferences these new e-bikes meet.

A fun and environmentally beneficial way to go about, e-bikes encourage outdoor activities and sustainable commuting. Riding enthusiasts looking to improve their cycling experience will find the Himiway Zebra and Cobra to be appealing options because of their performance, comfort, and adaptability qualities.

For additional details about the Himiway Zebra and Cobra models, please visit https://powerdrivebikes.com/.