Timo Rautiainen

Né le 13 Novembre 1964 à Espoo en Finlande, Timo Rautiainen est le copilote (depuis 1995) et aussi beau-frère (il a épousé la soeur de Marcus) de Marcus Grönholm. Timo retiré du WRC depuis 2007 aura accompagné Marcus dans toutes les aventures officielles du WRC mais aussi lors des deux retours en 2009 au Portugal et en 2010 en Suède. Il participe également au développement de la Polo WRC 2017 dans le baquet de droite et fait partie depuis sa retraite de copilote de la commission FIA au département WRC puis maintenant Vice-Président de la FIA WRC.

En 2019 Timo Rautiainen est de retour à la compétition comme copilote de Valtteri Bottas à l’Arctic Lapland Rally avant de rejoindre en Février Marcus Grönholm au Rallye WRC Suède sur la Toyota Gazoo Racing Yaris WRC. En 2020, Timo Rautiainen participe à l’Arctic Lapland Rally pour copiloter Valtteri Bottas sur une DS3WRC.

Timo pacenotes by … Timo Rautiainen !

tosi hidas — really slow
hidas — slow
nopee — fast
eri miinus — medium minus
eri tiukka — medium tight
eri — medium
eri pyöree — medium round
eri jouhee — medium smooth
eri helppo — medium easy
täys miinus — flat minus
täys — flat
Ehkä – maybe; we can use « ehkä » in conjuction with pyöree, jouhee and helppo
ehkä ehkä — maybe maybe

Numbers that you hear are mostly distances :
kaks — two — 20 meters
kolme — three — 30 meters
neljä — four — 40 meters
viis — five — 50 meters
kuus — six — 60 meters
seittemän — seven — 70 meters
kaheksan — eight — 80 meters
yheksän — nine — 90 meters
sata — hundred — 100 meters
satakymmenen — hundred ten — 110 meters
satakakskymmentä — hundred twenty — 120 meters

And some of the other words that we use :
nyppy — crest
hyppy — jump
hyppää — jumps, will fly
oikee laita — right side
vasen laita — left side
oikealle — to right, slightly right before the corner itself
vasemmalle — to left, slightly left before the corner itself
keskeltä — middle
leikkaa — cut
älä — don´t cut
pidä sisällä — keep inside
Sisältä – inside (an addition to a note that makes it bit faster)
hae — seek
yli — over
heittää — slings, car will not jump straight
tosi — really
varo — careful
huomio — attention!
tupla huomio – double attention!
Usko – believe!
Kävele – walk, walking speed
takavino (hidas takavino) — much more than 90 degrees, acute angle, sharp hairpin
serpo — round hairpin, in french lacet
risteys — junction
pitkä — long
pirun pitkä — very long (piru = devil)
pirun pirun pitkä — very very long
perkeleen pitkä — very very very long (perkele = devil also)
lyhyt — short
kirraa — tightens
kirraa kirraa — tightens a lot
kirraa kirraa eriks – a corner that is faster than eri tightens so much that it becomes eri
kirraa kirraa eri miinukseks – eri tightens to eri miinus
kirraa kirraa nopeeks – eri or eri miinus tightens to nopee
kirraa kirraa hitaaks – eri miinus or nopee tightens to slow
aukee — opens
alussa – in the beginning
lopussa – in the end
jatkuu — to, continues
heti — immediately
sumppu — fishing corf Smiley means that road does not continue logically (or as you would expect) after the corner and if you drive normally, you will drop off the road or hit a tree or stone
paha — bad
ahdas — narrow, tight
sisällä — inside (together with an other word, there is something inside the corner, not on the road)
ihan sisällä – really inside (further away from the road but still you can hit it…)
urassa – in the ruts, on the driving line
tiellä – on the road
ulkona — outside
silta — bridge
kaide – rail, parapet
tappi – pin (short, difficult to see, dangerous for tyres)
keppi – stick (longer, not dangerous)
tolppa – pole or post (like a pole for a traffic sign or a thick wooden light pole)
kivi — stone
betoni — concrete
puu — tree
kantti – curb
muuri – stone or concrete wall
paali – hay bale
reikä — hole
patti — hump
monttu — depression
with « monttu » we may use a number telling the speed you can drive over this depression
+ ykkösellä — very slow
+ kakkosella — slow
+ kolmosella — medium minus
+ nelosella — medium
+ täys minus – flat minus
+ täys — flat
liukas — slippery
märkä – wet
kostea — damp
mutaa – mud
lima — slime
soraa — gravel
hiekkaa — sand
vettä — water
lunta — snow
jäätä – ice
urat – on tarmac a clean(er) line where you are supposed to stay, surrounded by dirt or gravel
black top – shiny tarmac
lika – dirt, dirty (also likainen or likanen)
paska – nuts
(not really, but kind of mud, not as slippy)
jarrutus — braking (can be shortened to « jarru »)
maali – finish