Online Casino in Singapore

Online casinos are a relatively new form of gambling, and above all very popular. In parallel with the growth of these dematerialized establishments, commissions and laws have appeared to supervise this sector. Today, 85 countries around the world allow online gambling for a market that represents $ 35 billion worldwide. On these sites, we find the traditional games of “physical” casinos, without having to leave your home computer. Obviously, the addiction can be stronger, and therefore dangerous. However, online casinos offer a redistribution rate for players (TRJ) equal to that practiced by land-based casinos in France. While some claim that only slot machines have a better TRJ, others consider table games to be more profitable, despite the established house advantage. Only at Singapore casinos is it complicated for anyone to be able to log in to play their various online games.

However, there are all the usual games like slot machines, but also roulette, black and others.

What makes online casinos so exciting is the fact that they are filmed in real time with a human dealer. Players are able to take part in the game via a console on their computer, and by definition play live, as in a poker game for example. In case they have a question or need help, a live chat is made available to them.

Knowing all this, there remains the question of the confidence that one can place in online casinos. What technologies are they using? Can we really trust? How do you know if a casino is legal? We looked for answers to these questions.

Online casinos that claim to be reputable and popular worldwide use software from industry leaders such as Playtech, Amaya Gaming, Microgaming, or Realtime Gaming.

The physical transactions carried out by the dealer are converted into data used by the software or, to be more precise, by what is called optical character recognition (OCR). The latter allows the player to take part in the casino game without even noticing a difference with the croupier of a land casino. Thus, the results of the games depend on a human rather than a machine that we could have tampered with.

Although they are on the web, live games require the casino to make a considerable investment in staff and technology. A casino studio usually employs several croupiers who take turns, a technical director, one or more head (s), but also all the staff dedicated to online assistance. To know that the expenses related to the croupiers are among the main reasons for the small number of games they offer. Most online casinos offer baccarat, blackjack and roulette. In comparison, the cost of running virtual games is much lower.

An online casino consists of at least three rooms. The first includes a live studio (what you see), the second is the room where the technical and software part is with the technical staff, and finally there is a room for analysts. However, this configuration may vary from casino to casino. Below you will find information on the components of online casinos, as well as a brief description of their purpose and how they will help you have a fair gaming session.

Each online casino has its roulette, or even several. The casinos work with the main manufacturers of casino games and in general the rollers have their integrated sensors and the software interfaces of the casino with them.

Whether you have experience or not in online gaming, it is important to read the following carefully. First of all, you should know that online casinos are strictly prohibited in France.

Despite the recommendations of ARJEL, the Online Games Regulatory Authority, French players use unregulated sites based abroad. For players, the complications range from the outright loss of investment funds, the impossibility of recovering their winnings, a lack of certification at the level of games of chance or the lack of follow-up of players in the event of addiction or respect for black lists of banned players.