CATALUNYA (Barcelona) 14-15 April Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
PORTUGAL (Montalegre) 28-29 April Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
BELGIUM (Mettet) 12-13 May Live Text LOEB
GREAT-BRITAIN (Silverstone) 26-27 May Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
NORWAY (Hell) 9-10 June Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
SWEDEN (Höljes) 30 June – 1er July Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
CANADA (Trois-Rivières) 4-5 August Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
FRANCE (Lohéac) 1-2 September Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
LATVIA (Riga) 15-16 September Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
USA (Austin) 29-30 September Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
GERMANY (Estering) 13-14 October Live Text KRISTOFFERSSON
SOUTH OF AFRICA (Cape Town) 24-25 November Live Text

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  • – PSRX Volkswagen Sweden 2018 WRX manufacturers World Champion (read more..)
    – Kristoffersson secures his 10th wins this year in Germany-Estering WRX 2018 (read more..)
    – Spa-Francorchamps circuit enters as new round for 2019 WRX (read more..)
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    – Abu Dhabi new round opens WRX Championship 2019 in Yas Marina circuit (read more..)
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    – Kristoffersson wins USA-Austin WRX 2018 (
    – Preview USA-Austin WRX 2018 (
    – Three GCK MEGANE RX in Germany + South Africa (read more..)
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    – Entrylist USA-Austin WRX 2018 (
    – Belgium-Mettet WRX 2018 ended deal with promoter (
    – Kristoffersson catch 8th success of the year in Latvia-Riga WRX 2018 (read more..)
    – Preview Latvia-Riga WRX 2018 (
    – Entrylist Latvia-Riga WRX 2018 (
    – Kristoffersson catch 7th success of the year in France-Loheac WRX 2018 (read more..)
    – Preview France-Loheac WRX 2018 (
    – Nico Mueller joins EKS Team with a third car to Latvia-Riga WRX 2018 (read more..)
    – Liam Doran replaces Grosset-Janin as GC Kompetition driver (read more..)
    – Grosset-Janin ended WRX program with GC Kompetition (
    – Electric WRX switch delayed by one year and will move to 2021 (read more..)
    – Entrylist France-Loheac WRX 2018 (
    – Davy Jeanney enters to France-Loheac WRX 2018 with 208RX Pailler Team (read more..)
    – Kristoffersson wins Canada-Trois-Rivières WRX 2018 (
    – Canada-Trois-Rivières WRX 2018 preview (
    – Entrylist Canada-Trois-Rivières WRX 2018 (
    – Kristoffersson wins Sweden-Höljes WRX 2018 (
    – Preview Sweden-Höljes WRX 2018 (
    – 4th wins this year for Kristoffersson at Norway-Hell WRX 2018 (read more..)
    – Entrylist Sweden-Höljes WRX 2018 (
    – WRX moves to electric technology for 2020 season (read more..)
    – Preview Norway-Hell WRX 2018 (
    – Kristoffersson wins GB-Silverstone WRX 2018 (
    – Preview GB-Silverstone WRX 2018 (
    – Entrylist Norway-Hell WRX 2018 (
    – Loeb wins Belgium-Mettet WRX (
    – Entrylist GB-Silverstone WRX 2018 (
    – Kristoffersson wins Portugal-Montalegre WRX (
    – Preview Portugal-Montalegre WRX 2018 (
    – Heikkinen + Jordan joins MJP Racing Team Austria for three WRX round with Fiesta RX (read more..)
    – Entrylist Belgium-Mettet WRX 2018 (
    – RX2 Champion Cyril Raymond confirmed to drive 208RX in Germany-Estering WRX 2018 (read more..)
    – Ken Block enters to USA-Austin WRX 2018 with Ford Focus RX Hoonigan (read more..)
    – Grönholm GRX Taneco Team makes strong results in Catalunya-Barcelona WRX (read more..)
    – Kristoffersson wins 2018 opening round in Catalunya-Barcelona WRX after Ekström disqualification (read more..)
    – Team Olsbergs MSE revealed new Fiesta RX livery colors (read more..)
    – François Duval returns to Belgium-Mettet WRX 2018 with Audi S1 ComToYou (read more..)
    – Entrylist Portugal-Montalegre WRX 2018 (
    – GCK & Prodrive revealed new Megane RX 2018 (read more..)
    – Last test in Silverstone WRX Circuit for Team & Drivers (read more..)
    – Team Stard revealed today in Silverstone circuit Ford Fiesta RX livery with Janis Baumanis (read more..)
    – EKS Audi Sport revealed new S1 Quattro RX 2018 (read more..)
    – Entrylist Catalunya-Barcelona WRX 2018 (
    – Hello new PSRX VW Sweden Polo RX 2018 (read more..)
    – Full presentation WRX 2018 : Team & Drivers (read more..)
    – Team OLSBERGS MSE is back to WRX 2018 with two Fiesta RX (read more..)
    – Grönholm GRX Team revealed the two i20RX 2018 for Niclas Grönholm & Timur Timerzyanov (read more..)
    – Grosset-Janin joins as Team Mate Guerlain Chicherit for GC Kompetition Team with Megane RX (read more..)
    – Peugeot Sport revealed three 208RX 2018 with Loeb & Hansen Brothers (read more..)
    – Test Days #1 for WRX Team in Mettet Circuit with VW & Audi (read more..)
    – New Team joins WRX in 2018 with Sébastien Loeb Racing (read more..)
    – WRX goes to electric technology for 2020 horizon (read more..)
    – Bakkerud joins EKS Audi Sport as Team Mate Mattias Ekström for 2018 WRX Campaign (read more..)
    – Hyundaï Motorsport sold TWO i20 chassis to Marcus Grönholm GRX Team for 2018 WRX season (read more..)
    – Mattias Ekström quits DTM for full WRX season (read more..)
    – New cost cutting measures in WRX (
    – Grönholm GRX could be enter to WRX 2018 with i20RX (read more..)
    – New 2018 USA WRX round is confirmed in Austin, Texas (read more..)
    – Peugeot confirms WRX 2018 campaign with Sébastien Loeb (read more..)