Car seat safety tips for winter

Car seat safety is essential to be ensured, especially during the winter season. There are many things to be looked at for the proper safety of the passengers. Winter is a tricky season for car seats. Regular maintenance and care for car seats are crucial. If you are planning to buy used cars with proper condition of seats, engine, tyres, etc., consider buying from Car seat safety is always crucial, but it becomes more important when little ones travel along with us. There are few car seat safety hazards that parents may not be aware of, so let us discuss car seat safety in detail.

Ensuring winter seat safety

When it comes to child safety, parents are making the common mistake of strapping their kids to the car seat with the winter clothes still on, affecting their safety during a car accident. Covering your baby with layers of winter clothes, thinking they may save your baby from freezing, is wrong. The thicker clothes create more space between the strap and the body of your baby. Hence we have explained everything you need to know about your car seat safety and how to protect your kid from common car seat mistakes.

When you are strapping your children to your car seat, ensure that the belt fits snugly against their bodies to keep them safe during sudden braking or in the event of a crash. During winter, avoid loose winter clothes for your babies during a car journey since the seat belt may get loose, leaving enough gap for them to slide out of their seat belt during an accident. The gap between the seat strap and your baby may cause horrifying accidents. So it is always better to ensure that the seat belt is firm and tight before starting a journey.

After several research and demonstrations, experts have found that the main reason for such accidents are the padded and winter coats with thick lining because all the padding in the clothes will be compressed during a sudden crash making the straps lose that may create space for the babies to come free from their seats during accidents.

Before a journey, always ensure the harness is secure to your baby’s body with no gap between them. The best way to check the gap is by inserting two fingers under the harness at the baby’s shoulder part.

If you think that the car heater is not enough for your children during winter, it is better to cover and tuck them in a blanket.

How to be warm and safe in the car seat?

There are certain things you can follow to keep yourself and the co-passengers safe and warm in the car seat.

Wearing thin clothes: This may seem a little weird, but it is safe to wear thin clothes in winter while travelling in your vehicle because thick fabrics in your winter coats may get compressed and create gaps between the harness and the body during a car crash. The purpose of the seat belt is not served when you wear padded clothes. Instead of wearing thick winter clothes, go for thin fitting layers like leggings, long-sleeved thermal bodysuits, thin fleece jackets, thin sweaters, thermal knot shirts, long underwear, etc., for safe layering. You can also use alternatives like blankets and scarves.

Start your journey early: If you plan to head out the door, you need to start early in the winter. During the winter, the road conditions may not be good, and you may need more halts than usual on the way if you are taking your baby with you. Start early for a safe and relaxed journey.

Carrier seat: it is advisable to keep the carrier seat of your baby at room temperature inside your house when not in use because when it is placed outside in your car, the low temperature of the seat may affect the body heat of your baby. Don’t keep anything bulky underneath or between your child’s body and the harness straps.

Check the condition of your car: The condition and maintenance of a car are crucial while travelling in winters. Before starting a journey, check the condition of your seats, tyres, engine, sensors, radiators and other car accessories. If your car condition is not satisfactory and you are planning to go for another car, you can check for better clarity. It is possible to get ideas from tiktok for car dealers to determine the car condition.

Keep your baby warm: you can use other winter wear for your baby that does not interfere with the car seat harness. The commonly used winter wear are mittens, hats, shoes, gloves and socks. Don’t cover your baby’s face because it leads to air traps and suffocation. Always use blankets or scarves over the straps after the baby is buckled up to the seat. The baby shouldn’t get too hot after the car gets warm, ensuring that the winter clothes are easily removable.